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  1. Fish
    I'm currently considering a purchase of this tank from my LFS. 120cm x 30cm x 30cm, 29 G, 108 L. I'd like to choose a schooling fish species to swim the length of this tank, with some flow in the tank. Ideally 20 fast-swimming fish. I'd like to be able to breed them just to maintain their...
  2. Fish
    I have a constipated cardinal tetra with a prolapse, would peas work for him? I've used them for betta and cichlids so I figured it would be for small tetra as well but I have next to no experience with small bodied tetra so I figured I'd ask.
  3. Fish
    New to the forum, not so new to the hobby. I've got a planted 40B, very low tech but heavily filtered. I've been running this tank for 6 years now. It started as an apisto breeder but I was too successful and stopped after 5 broods. It was then turned into a plant propagation tank for 4 years. I...
  4. Fish
    Hey everyone, So i got a breeding container setup in my tank and have successfully got eggs scattered from cardinal tetras. I would like to know more info on how often to feed them and what are simple foods i can use. Do to eggs absolutely have to been in the dark or will they hatch and...
  5. Tank Journals
    Hey guys and gals, here's a journal of my 20 long! It currently holds my RCS colony, 4 cardinal tetras, 1 female endler (who I CAN'T catch), and 2-3 Khuli loaches (can't catch them either.) Plants include rotala indica, stargrass, italian val, a marimo moss ball flattened out, dwarf sag, green...
1-5 of 7 Results