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  1. DIY
    I just setup this FZONE DIY CO2 setup, and its run out of CO2 so I needed to change the material. Well, I took it out and looked at the bottom of the cylinder and for some reason there is a crystal precipitant that has formed and HOT water isn't doing much to it. Is there a way I could get it...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I just medicated my tank for a short while and have found a sort of residue on the water surface - nothing alarming but it is noticeable. I have a spare eheim carbon pad which I could use temporarily however there is a lot of contrasting opinions on whether it will remove plant nutrients and...
  3. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Hi all, I'm trying to respond to an algae problem in our 40 gallon planted community tank while keeping our Amano shrimp and nerite snail happy. The shrimp seem to hate (as in: die from) Flourish Excel so we discontinued that. We have an Aquaray GroBEAM 600 Ultima LED light that we'd like to...
  4. Equipment
    i have a planted tank with co2 and i have two eheim 2217 filters. should i use carbon if i am dosing every week?
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Anyone has any recommendation of carbon supplementation for a low tech planted tank? I heard excel melts plants like crpyts. So i need something that wont melt any plants. Anyone tried this? Or something from API, CO2 booster? Or carbon tablets?
  6. Plants
    First off attached picture. I came into work this morning and saw this on some my Anubias. From what I gather the leaf die off is from too little carbon. Last week I treated my tank for BGA with some Erythromycin. About halfway through the treatment I noticed my Nitrates and Phosphates...
  7. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have a 10 gallon tank with 4 neon tetras 2 cardinal tetras soon to be 4 a spotted cory and an Otto soon to be 3 ottos and i have far more oxygen than my plants like and i would like to run a co2 system. i have seen the yeast based systems but i'd rather avoid them simply because they seem like...
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have been having some problems with a DIY CO2 setup for my planted tank. Sadly, this has lead to the death of ALL my aquarium plants :( I have a gatorade bottle attached to airline tubing and a check valve, and a Fluval CO2 diffuser inside the tank to distribute the CO2. The...
  9. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    If carbon is made to take chemicals out tha water is that taking away from the ferts I give my plants or should I remove the carbon part of the filter?
  10. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Has anyone had success with this? I'm also wondering if I run the AC in my canister, will the DOC/DOM start to leech back out over time? Thanks in advance..
  11. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Are the authors of the linked page on base? Also, does anyone on here frequent The Aquarium Wiki?
1-11 of 13 Results