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  1. Substrate
    Here are my concerns regarding choosing a capping sand. 1) The black gravel is 5 mm average size . Diana in her book recommends 2-3 mm and advises against anything more than this as it causes the dirt to accumulate in the gaps and anaerobic. 2) The white sands are of the right dimensions ...
  2. Substrate
    Hi, I am planning on re-doing my turtles 'feeder' tank and I was planning on using miracle grow and then capping it with SafeTSorb but it looks like I can't get that in Australia. Turface 'seems' to be easier to find but I haven't really have a great look for it online. I live in a small rural...
  3. Substrate
    So I am on the track to a fully scaped and stem-heavy tank and need to make a decision guessed it..capping my gravel. I have been using inert substrate since the tank was set up about 2 months ago. I am planning a big rescape and would like to go ahead and solve this issue while...
1-3 of 3 Results