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  1. Equipment
    I'm VERY 99% considering getting the SunSun Canister filter (60 gal one) off eBay in the near future! I LOVE canisters and the concept of how crisp and clean they are. I have a 305 Fluval with a AquaClear 50 gal on my 60 gallon fish tank. I did have a Rena XP2 on my 47 gallon, but it broke so I...
  2. Equipment
    Hello I have an eheim 2211 which has an internal pipe dimension of 9mm and 12mm. I really like the look of the nano magic pipes but I have heard that the lily pipes have to be 1mm larger than the pipe itself (I could go for 10mm lily pipes but its more expensive, bigger so doesn't look as good...
  3. Equipment
    Hi I am new to the forum and some of these tanks look superb (same with aquascapeworld) :) anyway I am going to buy an eheim 2211 cannister filter with 12mm and 16mm diameter. I would like recommendations of lily pipes for a nano tank. thanks a lot
  4. DIY
    So I am trying to design a canister filter that uses sand as a filtering media, like in pool filters. Right now I am stuck on what kind of membrane to use underneath the sand. I need something that will let water pass through but not the sand. Something like a coffee filter but it cannot be...
  5. Equipment
    I have a DIY sump. I was looking to add a canister filter for water polishing abilities on it because I don't think the the sump is doing a good job at that. I was doing some reading and was prob looking at getting the XP3 for it as well. It is a heavy planted 125gal. My guess is that 2...
  6. Equipment
    I just picked up a used 2213 at a garage sale this weekend. Everything seems to be fine with it except the tubing has been wound up and in the garage for who knows how long. I found several kinks in the tubing when I unwound it that don't seem to be going away on their own. Is there a way to get...
41-46 of 47 Results