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  1. For Sale/Trade
    Most items come from ADA's Aquaforest store in Tokyo and SF, GLA site,, and Amazon. Payment is via Paypal or Venmo/Cash App Shipping will be UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail depending on destination, the number and kind of items you get. I'll be updating as things sell. Please...
  2. For Sale/Trade
    I have some aquarium supplies I have left over from my 36gal tank I broke down. (Approx. 8 months of use on both, Lily pipes) 1 x Cal Aqua Labs - Efflux F3 - 17mm $60 1 x Cal Aqua Labs - Influx X3s - 17mm $60 Buy Both Lily Pipes $100 1 x Atomic CO2 Diffuser - Inline - 16/22mm (Used less than...
  3. Equipment
    I knocked off my drop checker and the co2 indicator solution spilled inside the tank. Shall I be worried? I use a Cal Aqua nano drop checker with Cal Aqua indicator solution. The website says "The indicator solution is a combination of KH Standard / 4 degree KH (4 dKH) and pH indicator...
    Hey All! I'm looking for the following: Cal Aqua Nano Drop Checker Eheim 2217 Glass Lily Pipes (Either ADA or Cal Aqua) Ukho Stones, Seiryu, or something for Iwagumi layout (pics please!) PM me, thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results