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  1. New York
    I have a bunch of apistogramma cacatuoides gold fry for sale. Asking $5 each. Sold unsexed, they are juvies about a half inch. Also have a mature pair for $20 and additional large males for $5 each. I will include some southern delight dwarf cichlid food when you purchase a fish. I'm located at...
  2. Fish
    I recently came upon a pair of some apistos at my LFS and wanted to get everyone's opinion on exactly what I have. They were sold as A. cacatuoides and they certainly look the part, minus the vibrant colors (wild strain perhaps?). I was hoping to have a breeding pair but they don't really play...
  3. Fish
    My Apistogramma cacatuoides Fry are out and about now. Just showed up yesterday. Currently I am feeding them Live Vinegar Eels and Hikara FirstBites mixed with crushed adult pellets. Up for any advise on keeping them going and growing! Also: How fast do they grow? How long before I can...
1-3 of 5 Results