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  1. Lighting
    Hey guys... So, I have a planted 8 gallon tank and used to have two long incandescent light bulbs, with a total of 70 lumens per liter, but my plants started to grow not in the way I wanted. The carpeting plants weren't carpeting and were growing vertically instead, and my cabombas weren't...
    Got a RAOK in from ctross09 today, that I honestly only wanted 1 plant type from (wisteria) so I thought instead of tossing the other plants I'd raok them for others to have. We're going to do the raok a little differently though, please read below. These plants will get a few days floating in...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    Jungle Vals - 6 nodes - $2 per node Green Cabomba - 6 stems - 3 for $4 or $7 for all SOLD Hygrophila sp. 'Brown' - 6 stems - 3 for $4 or $7 for all 3 left Moneywort - 15+ stems - 5 for $4 or 10 for $6 5 left Anacharis (Elodea) - I have WAY too much of this in my tank - 10 stems for $5 or 15...
  4. For Sale/Trade
    Got some cleaning to do. Plants for Sale ~ Large Amazon Sword - Nice, green leaves..Long healthy Roots $10.00 [/URL][/IMG] Bundle - 5 Stems of Green Cabomba + 1 Stem of Cabomba Furcata SOLD 6+ inches . Cabomba Furcata has red tips. Can get more red with iron dosing and higher lighting (I...
  5. Low Tech Forum
    Hi, I am seeing good green cabomba growth in my tank, almost 1.5 inch per week. However, the lower leaves of the plant turn brownish though the upper parts are lush green. Specs: 42g Height: 18 inches Light: 1WPG 6500k CFL + indirect sunlight from window Substrate: river sand Ferts: liquid...
  6. For Sale/Trade
    Cabomba caroliniana, Very suitable for pond or aquarium, strands 1-2 long available 10 strands, $5 (usps $6) 20 strands, $10 (usps $6) 50 strands, $20 (usps 1-2lbs calculated to zipcode) Regards, andy
  7. Substrate
    Hi everyone, New to the forum and wondering if I have already made a mistake, last month I set up my RIO 240 with the intention of it being a planted discus tank, I bought a 1400l per hour external with a uv light from all pond solutions and it's been cycling since. However the tank came with...
    it means "no worries!" I have enough to comfortably fill a gallon-size zip lock. This is my first RAOK! No games, just PM me if interested. I'd like to ship out tomorrow afternoon. I do have snails and duckweed.
  9. For Sale/Trade
    Just did a big trim, so I have a plant package for sale. You get all plant tops, so it's all new growth. May have some diatoms, tank is snail free and duckweed free. - LOTS of stems of Star Grass (Heteranthera Zosterifolia) - Few stems of Silver Cabomba (Cabomba Caroliniana) - Few stems of...
  10. Plants
    I got my plant order in a couple days ago and my plants are taking off! Everything is going quite well, but I was wondering about this "Purple" Cabomba I have - which is really Red Cabomba, I'm not sure why they call it Purple. Anyway, I was wondering bout how long will it be before I see...
  11. WTB/RAOK
    I have TONS of green cabomba trimmings and a bunch of amazon frogbit I don't want to throw away. So much that my tank is in complete darkness. I can even throw in some rotala rotundifolia trimmings too. Local Los Angeles pickup would be ideal but I can mail for the price of shipping if necessary.
  12. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    Hello, Im looking for 6-10 stems, at least 3" long. I want them to be as close as possible as the one in the picture. Thanks
  13. Plants
    I got some cabomba a couple weeks ago and it looked great and was growing nicely. Now that it has grown a couple inches, the new growth at the tips is kinda brown and the leaves at the base of each stem are turning brown. I have T5HO 2x39W on my 30 gal, dosing with Excel daily, and Flourish...
  14. Plants
    My plants are/have been turning brown and wilting slowly but surely. For a while my cabomba and the others were doing really well-growing fast and staying bright (or dark) green and algae free. then I had problems with my Co2 and I got algae, so I stopped the ferts, cut down light and got Co2...
  15. Plants
    My cabomba is shedding a ton and yellowing. About two weeks ago I spread it out so it could get more light - though it hasn't seemed to help. New growth on top is red. Plant as a whole is growing rapidly. Ferts: Aqueon Plant Food 1x weekly & Flourish Iron daily (will not dose excel because of...
  16. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    I have 2 packages available of CABOMBA CAROLINIANA Each package consist of 6 ~12" stems. $6 per package to cover shipping and handling. Paypal only, credit cards are ok at no additional cost. Some pictures of my tank. Please PM for paypal info. Thanks for looking.
1-16 of 16 Results