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  1. For Sale/Trade
    Hi All, I have a newly setup 20G tank and looking for the following plants. If anyone selling please let me know. AR Mini Variegated, Myriophyllum Roraima and Rotola "Maka" Red. - Samiran
  2. New Jersey
    I'm looking for a hobbyist or store that may be selling shrimp (aside from amano and cherry red) in the NJ area? I would much rather buy from someone locally than have them shipped. Thank you!
    Looking to buy various anubias. I already have anubias nana petite so I am not interested in that variety but I am interested in nangi, coffeefolia, barteri var barteri/nana, and really any others. I have a 55 gallon (low tech) and 12 gallon (medium/high). Thanks
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Petco announced that they are buying Drs Foster & Smith. What are your opinions on this? I wonder what is going to happen with Live Aquaria. Anyone?
  5. Florida
    Anybody in Miami with some staurogyne repens interested in selling me a small portion? Let me know pleace.
    hey guys im switching from an iwagumi style hardscape to a more natural planted tank look. that being said im looking for a really interesting piece of driftwood to fit in my fluval ebi! dimensions are as follows: 11.8 inches long, 11.8 inches wide, 13.75 inches high 'youll be highly praised and...
    Id like a nice clump. I'd also like a pic. We can discuss prices which will depend on quality of the plant
  8. California
    Is there any LFS near Stockton or Sacramento that sell CPD? Maybe even a local seller anyone knows? Looking for some reasonable prices on males and females.
1-8 of 8 Results