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  1. Arizona
    Hello All! I'm starting my first planted tank and am super excited to get plants! Does anyone have any recommendations for where I can buy easy-for-beginner plants in the valley? I live in Mesa, but can travel around a bit. I'm looking for low-light/low-tech plants. Thank you! Cat
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello All! It's been a few years since I've kept an aquarium, and now to get back into it, I'm starting with my first planted tank. It's a small 5.5 gal (freshwater) that I want to take to my classroom for my students to enjoy (as well as me :). I'm going for a low tech set up- I just have a...
  3. Plants
    I have an idea for a planted mangrove tank but I cant seem to find any site, at least on google, that sells them. Any suggestions for a decent site that sells mangroves to places in Canada?
  4. Plants
    Hey everyone, Brand new to this site, and am looking for some help. Any suggestions for places to order plants from? Or places to avoid like the plague? I keep finding equal amounts of positive and negative reviews about numerous places to buy online (,
  5. Plants
    Hi guys first post, I need a Wholesaler that will ship to Arizona fresh products. I figured I would ask this forum as you guys probably have a good idea on how to get a hold of them. A wholesaler is the best method for what I require correct? I was also considering going to farmers markets...
  6. Plants
    Hello :) I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good online place to buy plants. Not many fish stores around here and barely any plants.
  7. New Jersey
    Hi Everyone, I am looking to purchase a few plants to start my first planted tank. I would prefer to get the plants from a local (Central NJ) hobbyist because I am looking for high quality plants. Some of the plants in pet stores are pretty sad. Wish List: Vesicularia spp. Java Moss and/or...
1-7 of 9 Results