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  1. Fish
    So I have guppies, I believe 3 boys, and one get picked on by another. The final one leaves the bullied one alone. I was wondering what I should do?
  2. Fish
    Hi all, Just recently got into community tanks! And I have a lot of questions... the big one is I think I have a bully problem! The fish store I got all my fish from is a sort of mom/pop shop that is slightly more expensive than petco but with much higher quality fish and knowledge! . The cool...
  3. Fish
    As the title states... I've kept embers with this betta since July or August, and the only time he has shown them much interest is when they have fallen ill. Even the slightest bit of fluffy fungus and that fish is history - hunted and eaten by the betta. This isn't often a problem as they...
1-3 of 3 Results