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  1. Equipment
    Ok, can anybody explain to me, why you need more than a 1.5'' hole, for a 1-inch bulkhead? also, Why can you fit such a bulk head into a 2.5'' hole? I am a complete, and utter beginner on plumbing, as in, I know what PVC is. So if there is some go-to website, video, etc. for aquarium plumbing...
  2. DIY
    I am planning to build a 300 gal. tank and a diy canister filter with no sump. I do not want a syphon tube hanging on the back, I would rather use a bulkhead. Are there any problems with this type of setup?
  3. Equipment
    Hello all, I have a 55 which I plan on placing 5 bulkheads in the rear glass panel. 2 inlets near the top (opposite sides), 2 outlets near the bottom (opposite sides), and one overflow in the top middle. All holes will be for 1/2" ID bulkheads. I'm not sure what the hole diameter is yet...
  4. Tank Journals
    Hello everyone! I've been in the hobby for almost 20 years now (when did that happen, I'm not that old) and I've decided to finally jump off the deep end. For me, that means upgrading to a MUCH larger tank and far more complex setup than anything I've attempted before. 50 gallons of awesome...
  5. Equipment
    Greetings, I'm trying to get parts together for a weekend project to plumb my Fluval 206 canister to a 30gal I haven't yet put to use. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. As I understand it: My 206 canister hoses are 5/8" ID and it flows 205gph. Anyone have any math on whether or not...
1-5 of 6 Results