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  1. Plants
    Hi all. Last night I got a dwarf lily (Nymphaea stellata) from my LFS. One plant is attached to the bulb. he also put in the stem and pads of another lily that he had accidently detached from the bulb. He "threw it in free" if you will. so, is the bulbless lily salvagable?
  2. Plants
    I bought a Madagascar Lace Bulb from my local pet store in Milford, NH for $5 and figured "Hey I'll give it a shot!". After about a month in it's own tank, it had still not began to grow. I moved it from that tank, over to my Axolotl tank (a low flow tank) and put it in between the two filters...
  3. Plants
    I have this plant which is a root feeder & has a brownish bulb. When I bought it at the LFS, it was fully submerged with fairly short leaves, around 2.5 inch. In the dirted tank I started recently where I planted it, its growing long shoots that reach the water surface and the leaves open and...
1-3 of 3 Results