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  1. Plants
    Hey all, I started a small terrarium and am looking for advice. It's an aqua worx iota (basically a tall cylinder) with UNS controlsoil, a piece of dragon stone, some terrarium plants, a bucephalandra and an anubias nana. The buce and anubias are on the dragon stone. I put water in up to the...
  2. Plants
    Hi all, I just bought some buce (red cherry) 2-3 weeks ago, and I put them on some driftwood. They seemed to be doing okay and each clump produced a new leaf or two in that time, but I’ve also noticed that some of the old growth is developing mushy patches, mainly at the tip of the leaf...
  3. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Hey, new to planted tanks here. I think there's some deficiency going on in my tank, Anyone could help me ID it that would be great. What's wrong: bucephalandra: I've had it for a month or so and some of the leaves are turning yellow, especially new ones. the leaves look veiny, yellower on the...
  4. For Sale/Trade
    Anubias Anubias Pinto 1 $17 Large 5 $12 Reg ea. 3 $7 Lower Grade(less white/damaged leaves) ea. Anubias Pangolino 1 $15 Bucephalandra Bucephalandra Arrogant Blue 1 $9 Bucephalandra Dark Godzilla 1 $9 Bucephalandra Biblis Red 2 $6 Reg ea. 2 $8 Large ea. Bucephalandra Green Velvet 9 $6 Reg...
  5. Plants
    Please help me with this... I just bought some bucephalandra online from a hobbyist, he didn't know the species name.. do you guys know the name of this buce?
  6. For Sale/Trade
    Shipping is $7 flat rate and I ship on Saturdays/Tuesdays only. DOA Policy: If the plant is dead on arrival, please message me with pictures of the dead plant still within the sealed bag within 2 hours of receiving the package. DOA is void if you send pictures of the plant outside the shipping...
  7. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I just received some buce from online and I noticed the rock wool holding it has some Cyanobacteria on it. The actual leaves have none but I don't know whether to risk having BGA in my tank by letting a small amount get through. What would you do?
  8. Plants
    Not really sure what's up with this guy. I'm on city of columbus, ohio (surface water) Water parameters are: GH 8°, KH4°, NO3 40ppm, PO4 5ppm, CO2 ~30 ppm, lighting ~30 par
    Hello all, I’m looking to buy a pretty big amount of Buce for my new 125G tank. I’m open to options on the particular species, but I do know that I want them to be something other than green once they’re colored up. Any of the purples, reds, or blues would work perfectly. I’m also looking for...
  10. Lighting
    Found this cool post about lighting for bucephalandra. Seems like these guys can grow in less light than anubias. Not to mention the colors. LINK HERE
  11. For Sale/Trade
    Hi Planted Tank Community! For anyone that attempted to PM and got no response back, SORRY! It has gotten busy these past few months running the pet-shop and going through the process of buying our first home!! I'll be moving equipment over to our new house next week. So, I'd like to clear...
1-11 of 65 Results