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  1. Equipment
    Hi everyone, I have a 55g high tech planted tank and with the bubble rates I need to see proper growth on my R. macrandra, the bubbles are too fast to count and bubble counter has no water left in it in 2 days. I guess I simply need a bubble counter that produces larger but fewer bubbles but I...
  2. Equipment
    How do you know how much CO2 you're putting in to your system? With an in tank diffuser you can count the bubbles to get an idea of how much you're injecting but with an inline reactor/diffuser, you can't see anything. Do you just guesstimate it?
  3. DIY
    Hi. I am completely new to aquariums. I purchased a 55 gallon tank and stand from a yard sale across the street. I filled up the tank and it did not leak for days. Then I filled it up in my room. That is when I started getting nervous because whoa that is a lot of water that can ruin my day...
  4. Tank Journals
    Started 5/7/13 Inspired by I had two 2 gallon capacity glass "bubble" bowls ordered from Cost roughly $15 each after shipping costs. Going to be used as homes for two bettas named Hearts and Spades. Substrate: EcoComplete Heaters: Hydor 25W Submersible Plants: Brazilian...
    lookin for any good co2 system, doesn't have to be a set, but ideally would like to have regulator, solenoid, bubble counter, valve. please pm with what you have available. looking to purchase ASAP thanks for looking pat
  6. Fish
    6 gallon edge 74f, 0 nitrites, 0 ammonia, >5 nitrates only other fish is 4 cpd and they dont bother the oto at all. ive had my oto for about 3 weeks now and i just noticed today that it has a small clear bubble coming out by its anus. Its about the size of a salmon egg and sits right in...
  7. Equipment
    I was hoping maybe a physicist or chemist might enlighten me about bubble size. I switched my bubble counter liquid from distilled water to mineral oil recently, and I notice the bubble sizes are slightly smaller. This leads me to believe I should increase my bubble rate to offset the smaller...
  8. Equipment
    I think I landed this in the right spot. Question is more or less for pressurized systems and/or DIY that does not use a soda/gatorade bottle as a counter. What bubble counter is everyone running? About how much was it? A link/pic would be great! I am just trying to gauge what I...
  9. General Planted Tank Discussion
    So, I had a simple fish tank for years (the freaking goldfish didn't die for 15 some years), but has been empty a year, so decided to move it up to college with me. Right now, I have cloudy water (white) with bubbles forming around the top edge, and black spots appearing on my plants...
  10. Planted Nano Tanks
    I just set up a sugar and yeast CO2 setup with a glass diffuser in my 5 gallon tank. I'm getting around 5 bubbles per min. Does that sound good? This is my first time dealing with CO2. last time I checked my ph was around 7.8 and my kh was 5
1-10 of 11 Results