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  1. Plants
    Hello all, I've recently set up a 5 gallon nano 5 days ago and I've noticed that the Anubias leaves have started to just straight up turn brown and started melting. I use Miracle Gro Shake n Feed Slow Release as the fertilizers. When setting up the tank, I put an amount I deemed healthy first...
  2. Plants
    This is the tank journal for this aquarium if it helps - This plant has been in the aquarium for 6 days and the top leaves have turned a brown colour - however are still growing at a fast rate However this isnt an algae it is the...
  3. Plants
    Hello all, I am a bit new to this hobby and am still trying to figure everything out. I started my planted tank maybe 5 months ago, plenty of lighting, yeast co2, lots of fish, etc. its a 20 Gallon Long I am just noticing something, and am unsure of what to do about it. The leaves on my...
1-3 of 3 Results