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  1. Algae
    Does anyone have any ideas? I think it's diatoms, but my tank is cycled.... My pretty pink Limnophila Aromatica are now turning brown. I have a Fluval 3.0 Set on planted aquarium. I dose daily with Flourish Excel and I also dose Thrive S three times a week.
  2. Plants
    So its been almost a week since I planted my tank, my amazons and moneywort are doing great (despite some melting). The only plant that seems to be struggling is my java moss. It arrived green, but when i attached it to my driftwood and put it in my tank, it became brown. Really brown. I've had...
  3. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Hi, I recently started a new tank (my first one) just over a month ago, it's 2 gal 0 ppm ammonia 0 ppm nitrites <40ppm nitrates 28-30 degrees In the tank there is a small piece of driftwood two patches of christmas moss two mossballs one unidentified fast-growing stem plant with fine...
  4. Lighting
    Hi, I've got a 5.5 gallon planted tank with a betta in it, but it's only filled to two inches before the rim. I suspect the water volume is somewhere between 4 and 4.5 gallons (I did some calculations with five gallons as the total water volume if I filled it all the way, I suppose I should do...
1-4 of 4 Results