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  1. Fish
    Hello, I'm doing a Research project on the Bristlenose Pleco and one of the questions I want to answer is what purpose do the bristles serve. Now I've looked everywhere for this and found very little information and the info I have is that the Bristles are for... A: Mating as they represent...
  2. Oregon
    Anyone breeding any Bristlenose Plecos locally? I'd rather not get them from The Wet Spot at $6 a pop
  3. Fish
    my bristlenose loves to dig! so much that the minute i moved his driftwood, he tunneled underneath piling my new eco complete all around! he has never lifted any plants, but i was wondering how micro sword would affect this? i dont want to stop him from digging and i dont want him to dig up the...
  4. Fish
    Hello, I am interested in shipping some baby bristlenose plecos. What is the correct method for shipping using kordon breather bags? How old should the plecos be before shipping? Ive heard juveniles ship best. Ive ordered some CRS through usps, should I just package the plecos the same way...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello all, I think my bristlenose have done their second spawn. The male has been in the cave for a good 11 days now so I moved the whole thing along with him into my fry tank. When I moved the cave a khulie loach came out. The cave is big with tons of little nooks and crannies so I cant see in...
  6. Fish
    I got some baby Bristlenose Plecos. Here's a video of them I made they are great the best at algae control I hightly recommend them. I had algae problems, but now my tank is so clean. Please Like is you like Plecos!:angel:
1-6 of 6 Results