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    Question: Would you euthanize a seemingly healthy fish if it came from a badly diseased tank? Context: For the past 3 months I've been battling a very stubborn strain of Columnaris in one of my tanks and failed miserably all three times. I have lost 15 guppies/endlers, a betta, 2 tetras and 6...
  2. Fish
    So I've got a small school of 15 or so Boraras brigittae (chili rasboras) and I've been trying to feed them more than just crushed flakes. -I have NLS "small", but they seem to never enjoy it and just suck it up then spit it out almost all the time. -I feed them frozen cyclops, but they seem to...
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    Sourced some zebra otos recently so to make room, I'm offering the following fish free to a good home (if you have any interesting plants I'd appreciate a trimming or two): 2 x otos 2 x Boraras Brigittae Pickup only (to be clear, I won't ship these guys) in Santa Monica. Pics below. Otos...
1-3 of 3 Results