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  1. Lighting
    I am getting ready to switch my 75 gallon over from 2 T5HO to LEDs and need input from all the LED experts out there who have successfully converted over. First, about my setup: -This will be retrofitted in an existing canopy where the T5s are currently. -I have 3 heatsinks totaling 8x40x3 that...
  2. DIY
    Hi. I'm new to the hobby and I have decided to try my hand at LED lighting. I have a standard 55gal long Tanganyika Cichlid community tank. It's planted with Val and Lotus at the moment, I was considering adding some Java fern as well to some of the holey rock in the tank. It's currently lit...
  3. DIY
    For purposes of full disclosure, I have never built an LED light fixture. This will be my first DIY LED build, so pardon my ignorance. Aquarium Info: Manufacturer: Fluval Model: Osaka 155 Capacity: 155L / 40gal. Dimensions: 24" (61cm) x 24" (61cm) x 18" (46cm) HxWxD Additional Info: The...
1-3 of 4 Results