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  1. Fish
    I have a 20G L with a school of White Cloud, two Sparkling Gouramis, and 6 Aeneus Corydoras. Five of the corydoras are bronze, and one is albino. The albino is a 1+ yr old, 2+ in female, extremely fat with eggs, has laid (unfertilized) eggs in the past (because there were no other corydoras)...
  2. Fish
    I bought a pair of albino corys to test in my 5G nano a couple years ago, forgetting how large they can get. One didn’t make it past 5 month after jumping out. The other one has always been active but I always felt terrible it didn’t have company. Three weeks ago, I caved and brought home a...
  3. Fish
    Hey All, After a while of watching my one of the species of fish (Corydoras or Roseline Sharks) lay eggs in the aquarium (without actually witnessing them ever doing it) I casually tossed a few eggs in a tank that only had plants in it at the time not really thinking or caring whether they would...
1-3 of 3 Results