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  1. Fish
    Hello PTers, I have long been part of this forum, but I don't believe I've ever actually posted in here. So forgive me if I am posting in the incorrect area. With all of your suggestions, and long time reviewing, and a bit of trial and error (ok lots of errors), I have successfully been able...
  2. Tank Journals
    After a crazy transition from Northern Virginia to Kansas City, Missouri, I finally got my 40g breeder back up and running. The plan was to set this up right after I moved but I suffered from sepsis so that recovery put things on hold, especially with the new job transition. Anyway, here's the...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    quick question: Is a 24oz paintball setup on a 40 gallon good enough to maintain decent co2 levels? If i run it at the average bubble a second for 8 hours a day, will it last me at least 2-3 months? Or is it too small and be a nuisance to have to refill every month? I have plants that dont...
  4. Equipment
    Basic dimensions aside if I divide either tank into 3-sections is there any real difference in mechanics of how the tanks would behave? I'm thinking about water flow however minor and temp. mainly. Height all being the same; My thought was a 30g breeder at 36x18 would be easier to heat and...
  5. North Carolina
    Any otocinclus breeders in the Raleigh area? I've read they are healthier and live linger if you can find them not caught in the wild (from a pet store) and no pet stores have had any for a while anyway.
  6. Oregon
    Hey, I have to downsize due to moving and I am looking to set up a planted 40 gallon breeder tank. I am living in portland so I am reaching out to the Planted Tank folks here in Oregon. Let me know if you know of any available.
  7. Equipment
    I have my 40 gallon breeder but I would love to upgrade to something taller sometime in the future to something taller. I have heard of a 50 breeder but I have never been able to find any in person. Where can you find these?
  8. Tank Journals
    Okay so I've been keeping a journal on my 40 gallon breeder tank that I setup back in October, 2010. I've never kept cichlids before and really wanted to try them, but at the same time I really love heavily planted tanks so the goal of this setup is to combine the two. After a lot of research, I...
  9. Lighting
    I am preparing a 40 gallon breeder tank and trying to find the right bulbs? I purchased 2x96w compact fluorescent fixture kits as they were on clearance and I picked them up pretty cheap. Now, I am looking to buy the bulbs for them and I found 7,100K Blue bulb on clearance as well, and thought...
  10. Tank Journals
    TO SEE HIGH QUALITY PICS, I RECOMMEND YOU GO TO THE LAST PAGE AND WORK BACKWARDS :proud: Hey everybody :D Well I had a saltwater tank for 2 years but decided it was just too much work to actually enjoy. I was then left with an algae encrusted eclipse 12 tank with minimal plants and minimal...
  11. Tank Journals
    My first attempt at breeding shrimp. So far so good. Aquarium: 20 Gallon Long Lighting: 65W Aqualife PC 6700K Ferts: Flourish, Flourish Excel Filter: Fluval 305 CO2: DIY Two bottles each changed every two weeks. Substrate: 40 lbs. Eco Complete Zebra Rock, Assorted Driftwood NO3- <10ppm pH-...
  12. Planted Nano Tanks
    This tank no longer exists :) Been out and purchased a Superfish Aqua-Qube 40 today. Cost me £55 instead of £70 (they had it listed online at the cheaper price), and I got the driftwood for £2.78. This is purely a tank for dropping the molly and guppy fry from my 60L (15G) into, although I may...
  13. Tank Journals
    I got the itch (again :icon_roll) to rescape another tank. This is my #3 40 breeder. Previously, it was used to house a pair a kribs. After countless dozens of fry, I decided I wanted something else. I tore down the tank last weekend and spent the last few days cleaning everything and...
  14. Missouri
    I feel as though this is a long shot... but i was wondering if anyone keeps discus anywhere around columbia? Also I'm also very interested to know if there are any discus breeders around missouri in general? Thanks a ton.
  15. Tank Journals
    After weeks of soaking top soil over and over again, I finally got to the point of adding the clay and I have now completed the mineralized top soil process. Anyway, here's some pics of my wood placement. I'd like to hear some comments before I fill the tank.
1-16 of 21 Results