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  1. Equipment
    Hi - just installed my co2 regulator/tank/diffuser. I got the pro-se kit with bazooka diffuser from co2 art, for reference. I'll get to it - by the time the pressure builds up in the co2 tube (from bubble counter on regulator to diffuser in tank) my ability to control the bps dramatically...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I managed to knock my needle valve so I have had to reset the bubble count to approximately what it was before. Say I put the bubble count too high, how long would it take for CO2 to build up to a point where it could harm my fish? Thanks :)
  3. Equipment
    I haven't purchased my CO2 system just yet, but it is sitting in my Amazon cart while I finish gathering information about using it. If it makes a difference as to what I will be using, I will be purchasing a 24 oz paintball tank from Dicks and using it with the following system: Hydroponics CO2...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have been around the hobby for over forty-five years, but I still only know just enough to be dangerous:red_mouth and am the proud parent of a built-in 90 gallon fresh water planted tank located in my family room. As for my knowledge, it mostly came from books and recently online. I knew that...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    For some reason I'm not getting an accurate reading on 2 of my drop checkers I tried useing the tank water then tap water still nothing also my pressure CO2 system if I run at 2-3 bps no bubbles come out my diffuser I have the glass diffuser on both my 70gal and my 20gal. My 20gal shows I'm over...
  6. Equipment
    This topic came up in this thread. I've calculated this before, but I didn't post it at the time. Since I figure it might be of interest at the moment, here it is. The idea is to look for a more precise, repeatable way to set our CO2 flow via an actual flowmeter, rather than a bubble...
1-6 of 6 Results