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  1. Fish
    Hi guys, I am looking for help in sexing the Bolivian rams, which i'd believe are a male and a female. The "male" is larger, has brighter colors and longer tail fins, compared to the "female". However looking at the vents (?) they both look about the same to me, and I wonder if I actually...
  2. Fish
    My single male Bolivian ram has recently begun acting very aggressive in nature and is constantly displaying its stress bars. It constantly guards an area of the tank, chasing all fish away. It even bit my finger while I was attempting to aquascape! I tried shooing it away but it didn't swim...
  3. Fish
    Having a problem with my Bolivian rams. Lately the male has been hiding (because he was being picked on), but now both rams are laying on the bottom of the tank (they are still upright, not on their sides). When the corys bonk into them, they don't even move. When they swim, it looks very jerky...
  4. Fish
    (Looks like bolivian threads are popular today) So, I have two bolivian rams, purchased about 2 1/2 months ago. Let's call them "Bully" and "Victim." Victim was quite a bit larger than Bully at time of purchase, and I am 99% sure is male (3rd dorsal ray extended, tail fin extended, reproductive...
  5. Fish
    Hello, I have a 55g planted tank with 2 giant danios, 2 white skirt tetras, 2 neon tetras, and 2 panda corries. A hobbyist in my area just bred Bolivian Rams and he offered me 6. Would this overstock the tank? Thank you.
  6. Tank Journals
    so i've taken the plunge and purchased a new tank to replace the 60 g hex and the 20 g currently in the corner of the living room. thank f'n god. with all of the equipment and cords and fish tank stuff that i'm not using it's not only an eyesore but probably a fire hazard too. so i'm upgrading...
  7. Fish
    Hi Everyone, I am looking for some help. I would like to know if I have a possible pair of Bolivian Rams. I am posting pictures to help. They do seem to stick close together most of the time. They also have some aggression towards each other with jaw-locking and some chasing going on some of...
  8. Fish
    My female bolivian ram has been apparently sick for the last 5 days or so. She sits on the bottom of the tank at a 45 degree angle (pointing upwards). She will hardly eat too, taking the whole night to eat half a flake. I've put her in a smaller breeding tank within the tank to allow her to...
  9. Fish
    I will add pictures of my Bolivians and some of their tank mates here... Just wanted to get it started with a pretty good picture of the "man of the tank" More to come!
  10. Fish
    Just wondering if anyone has tried this and the results. My bolivians dont bother my rosy barbs (hoping my buddy will take them or I can find someone RAOK that wants them not going to get the cardinals if I cant) but they are about the same size. Just wondering if this will work.
  11. Fish
    I have been on a search for Bolivian Rams in the southern California area and I have had absolutely no luck. It seems like every store I have called or went to has been sold out of them. Has anyone seem them in stock at any LFS recently? I live in Riverside, but I am always looking for an...
1-11 of 11 Results