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  1. Lighting
    Hey all, So recently I've noticed my blue marble angels look better with the lights off than they do under my 2x T5HO fixture. Their fins are a nice deep blue in natural lighting, where as they're washed out and transparant looking under my lighting. I'm currently running a 10k White bulb and...
  2. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Hey all, I picked up some tiger shrimp from the lfs the other month. They were a really deep blue and slight burgundy color. However, now they have lost all their blue. Any ideas?
  3. Fish
    Hi, I recently purchased 5 young Blue Rams. 3 males and 2 females. I have had them 4 days now and all of them are eating flake well except for the smallest female? She looks healthy and colorful minus being a little skinny. She actively will poke around the bottom for food and she gets...
  4. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I bought two blue mystery snails from They looked really nice, very healthy shells. Since I've had them they have grown quite a bit, but the shell is growing in black, not blue... I'm in Phoenix, our water is hard. GH/KH 180/120, ph around 7.5 to 8. They have cuttlebone and...
  5. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Hi Everyone! I have the nagging suspicion that one of my water parameters are off. I have a master test kit (pH, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite) but I've heard people discussing other variables that I'm not familiar with. Can someone point me in the right direction in what to buy and what to test...
  6. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    For my next tank, I'm planning to set up a 10 gallon. I don't know if I want to stock it with Blue Dreams or Blue Diamonds, though.
  7. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Just got some new amano shrimp in and I noticed a few of them have a blueish tinge to them. Is this a normal trait? Does it come from food? It's kind of neat. Sorry for the awful picture
  8. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Is there a way to intensify the blue on the rilis without losing the red? I suspect not, but it would be cool to see.
  9. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    There seem to be a lot of different types of blue cherry shrimp. Could someone explain the differences between them? So far I've found: Blue pearl Blue jelly Blue rili Blue velvet Blue dream Blue diamond Blue fairy Blue lazer Deep blue Carbon rili (?) (Are there any I missed?)
  10. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Recently, I ordered a bunch of blue diamond shrimp. I certainly got them, but a few of them have orange eyes and dark stripes. Frankly, they look a lot like low-grade OEBTs. I'm wondering if they're Neos or OEBTs. Sorry I can't post pics yet; my camera is at home, and I only have my ipod and...
  11. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hello, I am looking at starting up a 10 gallon planted tank for a pair of german blue rams. I have kept a pair in a 10 gallon before and they spawned and I had free swimming fry. The fry eventually passed away, and so did the parents, however I loved their personality and colors and would like...
  12. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I picked up these shrimp today from my LFS. They were labelled "Navy Blue Caridina". I've been trying to identify what they actually are for a few hours now, but they don't have strong striping like Blue Tigers or Blue Bees should have. Am I just comparing them to much higher grade examples...
1-12 of 33 Results