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    Short Version - I need 5-10 high quality male cherries, of a similar quality to the shrimp pictured below Hi! After a very long break I'm getting back into tanks and with the very fortuitous purchase of a Fluval Spec, I've put together a planted nano with the remainder of my cherry flock...
  2. Photography
    Not for the squeamish: the photo below is of a feeding mosquito: one of a series of pictures I posted on my blog last night of this mosquito slowly filled its gut with my blood! Cheers, EC mosquito 7 copyright Ernie Cooper 2012 sm for post by ernie.cooper, on...
  3. Fish
    Dear All, I have been treating the entire tank with fenbendazole for a camallanus worm infestation - and today, week 3, notice an oto catfish with blood showing through its belly. How could I save this lovely fish? Any advice is helpful. Thanks.
1-3 of 3 Results