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blood vomit
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    Hi everyone, I'm finding that being a co-owner of a local pet store is taking its toll on my tanks at home. I've decided to do the responsible thing and shut down 7 out of 12 tanks i've been running! Spend $50.00 Receive Free Shipping. Add $2.00 for Insulation. Shipping starts at $7...
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    Aloha TPT, Been hoarding onto my Bucephalandra collection for the past year and figured its time to share with you all. :) Also have some stems,foreground, mosses, anubias, that will bring much happiness to yuh :) Spend $50.00 Receive Free Shipping. Add $2.00 for Insulation. Shipping...
    anyone has Trithuria Blood Vomit ? please message me :) thank you
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    Please, minimum order of $10. Shipping will start at $7 USPS Priority. Please mind your weather, will not be responsible for DOA or USPS mishaps/delay. Shipping days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday. IMPORTANT: Please message me your FULL SHIPPING ADDRESS with EMAIL ADDRESS you would like your...
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    Now that the ring is out of the way, its time to start saving up for the wedding... Especially when you're flying back home to Hawaii, then Cali, then back to Utah...:icon_eek: lol... Anyways, got a bunch of plants available for sale. Feel free to shoot me a PM on any questions you make have...
    On April 20, 2014 I proposed to my best friend at the very first place we met. Don't wanna make the story long, but took her out on an Easter Egg hunt and had her search for a dozen eggs.. She found 11 of them with no problem and knew I had the 12th egg in my pocket. As she asked for the egg, I...
1-6 of 6 Results