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  1. Substrate
    In January of this year, I started a discussion on using Black Diamond Blasting Sand (BDBS) as an aquarium substrate, specifically in regards to its use with plants and corydoras. It has since been about 6 months since I started using BDBS. Here are my findings for those who are interested: It...
  2. Substrate
    I'm currently setting up a 55g aquarium and I'm having trouble with the substrate. To cut to the chase, I'm looking for a black sand that won't be harsh on the cories and other bottom dwellers, but will also be a practical substrate for plants without too much extra care. I've heard that some...
  3. Substrate
    For those of you wanting 3M Colorquartz, I have found a place online that has 27 bags left of Grade T Black and is getting rid of it for $21.12 each. Free shipping! What a deal, eh? Since this grade is not part of their product line, you must call them to order. 800-535-3325 (press 1 to reach...
1-3 of 3 Results