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  1. Substrate
    Hello all, I have read around here that Black Diamond sand is a great substrate. I agree, and want to use it in my 10. However, I have heard that it is too "scratchy" for cories. Does anyone have experience using it in a tank with cories? Thanks!
  2. Substrate
    I don't know if I was just lucky or all the research paid off (perhaps both?) I just finished my swapping of gravel to Black Diamond sand. Here's what I have learned. 1. Rinse! I rinsed all my sand the week-end before the swap. About 3 cups at a time in a mixing bowl. Used thick yellow...
  3. Substrate
    Guys, I'm fairly new here and still learning, but as to most people, we all have priorities in life and time/money is not always readily to available for spending. However, our love for the hobby enables us to miraclously find ways to still enjoy the hobby without compromises to our lifestyle...
1-3 of 3 Results