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  1. Equipment
    Hello, Recently bought my fluval vista 23g aquarium and I wanted to meticulously follow my Aqua Clear 50 instructions about changing the media (foam, activated carbon and biomax) when needed. But after some searches I realized that changing something might hurt the tank by removing good...
  2. Equipment
    Hello All, I am breaking down/ restarting my 20 Long with an Eheim classic (2211, I think). I want to keep my biofilter alive. On this model the intake and output are the same size. I am wondering if I can connect them in a loop and if so for how long? Or, would it be better to just put the...
  3. DIY
    I really wish I had the lab equipment to make a filter like this... Showed me that really anything can become an aquarium filter, just have to be creative I guess
  4. DIY
    Check out my Flask filter, Im pretty stoked on it, feel free to link some vids of other creative filters you've come across!!!
1-4 of 4 Results