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  1. Fish
    So my betta just recovered from dropsy a week ago and I'm just monitoring him temporarily in his container. I noticed that he has like colorless splotches and there are black scales around it and from above it doesn't seem cottony and his fins aren't shrinking and tattered. Behavior wise he has...
  2. Fish
    I have a Better that's approx. 2 years old he's having swim bladder issues and he hasn't improved in about a week. Now he hasn't eaten in the past 5 days. He normally lives in a 15 gal, planted with inverts and a pair of peacock gudgeon. 0 ammonia & nitrates, 15 nitrites. ph 7.8. temp is at 78...
  3. Fish
    Black Galaxy Samurai Star Tail male Betta. He’s amazing.
  4. Fish
    Unfortunately I made an unwise decision to add a new betta with my other one. They’re both females, but this one (her name is Neb) is much smaller than I realized, and unfortunately was attacked by the other one and is now missing parts of her tail/fins. She sinks to the bottom of the tank now...
  5. Equipment
    I am planning on heavily planting my 20 gallon long. But I am worried about getting enough flow as well as distributing the Co2 well enough. (I have had hair algae problems before attempting this). Does anyone have a setup or recommendation for filters/power heads and placement for that? I...
  6. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello! brand new member here. I'm starting a betta tank and need advice. I want to get Dwarf water lettuce floater plant and Hygrophilia Corymbosa COMPACT (or however you spell it) I have a 10 gallon aquarium with a lid, so im wondering how i can get a light in there for the plants. NO CO2 My...
  7. Minnesota
    What stores have Malaysian trumpet snails (Melanoides tuberculata) and Bamboo shrimp (Atyopsis moluccensis)? I have a planted aquarium I am setting up for Betta and was told those snails and shrimp are compatible with Bettas. Also, is there a local source for Blackworms (Lumbriculus variegatus)?
  8. Fish
    I got a white betta about a month ago and his fin is getting see-through. I don’t know what it is. I’m feeding him regularly with dry food and once a week with live food. He lives in a 12 liter aquarium. He looks energised and swims around a lot.
  9. Plants
    Hi everyone, I am new to the aquarium world and bought a weed looking plant from my local pet store. I’m thinking about removing it, not only because it grows way too fast and looks a bit ugly, but because no google search can help me identify it and I don’t want to inadvertently harm my betta...
  10. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hi everyone! This is my first time owning any kind of aquatic life and I bought a 6 gallon planted tank about a month ago. For now, I have some basic plants and decor as well as a nerite snail. I’m planning to later add some cherry shrimp + java moss and then a male betta. I guess I’m looking...
  11. Fish
    Hello everyone, I’m came here to ask for help to see if anyone can help me to identify if my wife’s betta has fin rot. I personally don’t think so. But, I’m asking because I’m not at expert in the subject. I took some pictures of “Evaristo” hope this can help: I will really appreciate any...
  12. Tank Journals
    Well, I have been suggesting high end bettas as a nano tank fish for a while now and it finally bit me....I went and got one. Hes coming in in a few weeks and I wanted to set up a simple minimalist tank to sit in my Sunroom/Den that would show off the fish and look classy. Heres the betta I...
  13. Fish
    He's either a Double Tail or Halfmoon. I'm not completely sure though:
  14. Fish
    Hello, 3 days ago we have 2 bettas in a divided tank. We did a water change and we add two products to the tank (5.5 gallons) we add one ball of Aqueon Pure Live beneficial bacteria and enzymes and we add seachem purigen to the filter. The very next day I woke up really early and I find both...
  15. Fish
    I've seen a couple videos, but none of them seem to help.
  16. General Planted Tank Discussion
    My Betta recently produced a bubble nest, and he's protective over it. Like, flaring at his own reflection and things like that. When will he forget about it?
  17. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have a 29g tank with lots of plants and hiding spots. I currently have a single clown pleco and i am getting other fish in about a month. what I have : Clown Pleco x1 Small Terracotta Pots x3 Amazon Sword x2 Apongaton x1 Primrose x 4 Watercress x2 Some other random Apongatons. what I plan...
  18. Lighting
    This happened when I had turned off his lights for about 5 minutes, then, came back in and turned the lights on. It was genuinely terrifying, and I'm wondering if this has affected his health or anything.
  19. Fish
    My betta has had these two white spots (strangely, almost symmetrical) on his head for at least 5 days, likely more. The one on his left side seems to be embedded, while the one on his right side is sticking into the water a bit. He is eating fine but is sticking to the top of the tank a lot...
1-20 of 280 Results