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  1. Equipment
    Hi All, I picked up a 55 Gal tank at PetCo (a dollar a gal. sale, pretty hard to resist). I plan on using this as a sump for my 180 Gal. tank. Has anyone actually tried to use acrylic baffles, siliconed to a glass tank and had problems? I see two camps out there and I see some people with...
  2. Planted Nano Tanks
    I have a 10 gallon mid-tech tank with a male crowntail betta. It has an AquaClear 20 HOB filter. I've found that if I run the filter at full strength the returning current is too strong for the betta. For the first few months I just ran it at half strength, but that felt like I was wasting a lot...
1-2 of 2 Results