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bacopa caroliniana

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  1. Plants
    I planted my first tank about two weeks ago. My question is specifically about these Bacopa Caroliniana. I'm getting good new growth out of the top of the stems, and as expected the old leaves are melting. Should I leave these alone or should I trim off the top and replant them? It looks like...
  2. Pennsylvania
    Shipping is $8 for priority mail. (USPS recently raised prices sorry) If you have any questions feel free to ask. Can combine orders to save on shipping. Sorry no pick up. I use root tabs in the tanks these plants are from, I can include some roots tabs with other for a little extra just ask...
    I did a big overhaul of my tanks over the weekend, and I have a bunch of greenery that I didn't want to throw away. Take it all in a medium box ($13), or bunch by bunch in small priority boxes ($6). I have: 8+ Bacopa caroliniana stems and rooted trunks [6"-10"] 8+ Egeria najas stems [x2]...
  4. For Sale/Trade
    I have plants for sale which include the following as listed. Bacopa Monnieri $5 Bacopa Carolininana $2 Water Wisteria $10 Water Sprite $10 Lesser Duckweed $4 Shipping is $6, please tell me how many and of what you would like and I can ship out on Tuesdays of each week, any questions, concerns...
1-4 of 4 Results