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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have an almost 4 week old 32g bio cube with internal filtration in which I have sponge filter, filter pad, polishing filter, chem green, and biorings. Low flow pump at 150 gph. I have two netrile snails and pleco added last week when I had my brown algae and some green algae bloom (eventually...
  2. New York
    So my Mollies just had some babies as of yesterday. About 22. I'll probably keep like 3, but in no way have means to care for the rest once they have grown. I'm in the Middletown, NY area and was wondering if anyone knows any local places or any one who can adopt and give good care to these...
  3. Fish
    Hey all! So I have been setting up my new 55G for a while and just got it planted about 2 weeks ago with the usual java ferns, cabomba, dwarf hair grass etc in eco complete. The plants have been stable for a week with weekly ferts and root tabs, so i started adding my 3 cory cats from another...
1-3 of 3 Results