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  1. Texas
    Live in Burnet. Looking for some Pogostemon Helferi that I could pick up. Or if out of Central Texas area and you ship. Thanks!
  2. Texas
    Stacked ADA 60P tank setup with GLA PRO-SS 2-Stage CO2 system, all BRAND NEW in box, never been used. This is literally everything one would need to setup and maintain a sick 60P planted tank setup. I purchased all of these items for a project that never happened. Well over 2k in items here, the...
  3. Texas
    I have 7 South American PufferS for sale in Austin. They are young and in good shape. I am taking my tank in a different direction and would like them to find a good home. $15 each obo. I want them to have a great home. If you aim to breed them even better. :) Austin only, can't ship.
1-4 of 6 Results