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  1. Fish
    Hello Everyone! I'm new here so feel free to redirect me to another thread :) I started a SE Asian Biotope aquarium ~2 month ago and need help stocking. And making sure I dont overload the filter. Here are some quick facts: 45 gallon tank Heavily planted (9-12 Java ferns). Rocks and driftwood 9...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    So; I've spent alot of time researching the wonderful biodiversity hot spot Tonle Sap Lake and basin, found in Cambodia. Mongabay has proved very useful in picking out native fish that occur in the lake and surrounding forest wetlands. For my 37 gallon, i've chosen a small school of...
  3. Plants
    I had no idea that the common Rice paddy herb you buy from Asian grocery were Limnophila aromatica.. So i planted it in High co2, high Light, plain gravel with EI fert. The grocery one are thin stem with star formation leaves. It didn't transform into the long narrow leaf, pinkish red colour...
1-3 of 4 Results