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  1. Equipment
    I just got an ADA Cube Garden 60P (60x30x36cm, 24''x12''x14'') as a present (hurrah!), and I am looking for a cabinet that will fit it. I am in the US, close to LA. I saw a few of them online, but please help me with comments and suggestions. The ADA metal cabinet is not necessarily on top of...
  2. Tank Journals
    Hi this is my 5 gallon planted tank that i recently started. it's my second planted tank. my first one was a 3 gallon tetra cube. my 3rd one is still in dsm mode. well here it is. Started 5/25/13 Equipment: ordinary 5 gallon tank...
  3. Tank Journals
    Plants: Bolbitis, Java Fern, Anubias Coffeolia, Vesuvius Sword, Hottonia Palustris, Myriophyllum Mattogrossense, Hydrocotyle Leucocephala (Pennywort), Weeping Moss, Christmas Moss, Green Carpet Moss, and Salvinia Natans. Fish: 10 Boraras Maculatus Invertebrates: 3 Nerite snails, 24 Bee Shrimp...
1-3 of 6 Results