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  1. Lighting
    Hello, everyone. I have found the planted tank forums very helpful but still unsure of some things when it comes to lighting levels in any given situation. I am in the process of planning a (hopefully) fairly heavily planted tank. I am planning to place an Aquaticlife t5 ho 2 lamp 2x54...
  2. Lighting
    Does anyone ever had a problem with algae using a T5 HO light fxture on a 20 gallon long tank. I ordered a 30" Aquaticlife dual T5 HO fixture and I'm worried about algae. and it seems that the coralife aqualight is the only T5NO fixtures around these days.
  3. Equipment
    I have been using DIY co2 for about a year now and it is getting really old. One of the reasons I have not really tried to get a pressurized system is because I found the whole thing kind of overwhelming and a little over the top. I was also worried about being able to find a place that would...
1-3 of 5 Results