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  1. Ohio
    MODERATOR EDIT: You already know you can't promote your Craigslist listings. Come on.
  2. Equipment
    I have a premium aquatek regulator on a 5# tank diffusing into a 75 gallon tank via a ceramic diffuser. I'm starting to get really frustrated with the whole set up. I just got the tank filled a month ago (psi reaches about 1000 when full). I try to run my working pressure at 60 psi and ~6 bbs...
  3. Equipment
    Need some help deciding which USED regulator set up to purchase. Two options here: 1) $150 --- 5# CO2 tank, Premium AQUATEK CO2 Regulator, diffuser and stuff included. Also comes with some Flourish items (NPK Fe), planting tongs and algae scrapper. 2) $120 --- 2.5# CO2 tank, Older GLA GRO-1...
  4. Equipment
    Looking to get a beginner CO2 regulator that doesn't break the bank (can't really afford two-stage) as I want to introduce CO2 to my planted tank. I was thinking the Aquatek Mini that seems decently popular, but the price is about $130 CAD all in to get it here, and well, it doesn't look very...
1-4 of 35 Results