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  1. Aquatek of California
    AQUATEK 5 Way CO2 Splitter for Solenoid Regulator Only $53.99 FREE SHIPPING on (Limited Quantity Sale, Exp 10/20/2011) With this splitter, you can connect up to 5 CO2 diffusers/supplies from a single CO2 cylinder This splitter allows precise regulation of flow and is...
  2. Aquatek of California
    AQUATEK PRO CO2 Regulators with COOL TOUCH Solenoid Emitter System: Six Outlets Model with 6 FREE Bubble Counters $104.99 on (Limited Quantity Sale, Exp 10/10/2011)
  3. Aquatek of California
    AQUATEK CO2 Paintball Tank CGA 320 Adapter $16.99 FREE SHIPPING on (Exp 9/30) With this adapter, you can attach a CO2 regulator (e.g. AQUATEK CO2 Regulator with COOL TOUCH Solenoid Emitter System) with CGA 320 thread to a paintball CO2 pin valve cylinder Enhanced safety...
  4. Aquatek of California
    Aquatek of California CO2 Regulator with Cool Touch Solenoid Video
  5. Aquatek of California
    hhAQUATEK Anniversary Sale - CO2 REGULATOR WITH COOLTOUCH SOLENOID $69.99 at (Exp 9/14) Product Description Perfect for calcium reactor and Freshwater Plant CO2 injection applications. Calcium Reactors and CO2 fertilization require far more precision in their dosing. Our Deluxe...
41-45 of 47 Results