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  1. Aquascaping
    hello does anyone know how i could break hakkai stone into smaller pieces its a pretty hard rock so i dont know what i can use to break it. thanks
  2. Plants
    Hey all, I've been playing around with some plants, and I believe I have come to the conclusion that I am not happy with the hairgrass in the bottom right side of the tank. Here's what it looks like after I yanked a bunch of stuff and substrate out, but this is the general area. It gets...
  3. Blue and Golden Boa Tank and Aquascape

    Have to find the right balance with fertilizer and diy co2 and raising shrimp. Having more and more babies as I go along so maybe am doing something right.. I got 2 batches of blue boas from 2 different breeders and both show some golden boas in the line as well.. some are blue and golden at the...
  4. Equipment
    Hello! I'm Sam, fresh to the planted tank game. I've spent the last month or so doing a bunch of research, and I just started buying for my first high-tech tank. My plan is to go slowly through the tank build process, so I'm not sure yet what I'll be filling my tank with for livestock and...
  5. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Just set up this 22 gallon two weeks ago. I got all tissue culture plants except for two, and of course, this morning I saw a (smallish) pond snail (maybe bladder snail) on the glass. I pulled him out, but this evening I just found 3 more tiny little babies. So, how screwed am I? Is there any...
  6. Equipment
    I'm in such need, this is our 6th tank and I really need help. I currently have the superfish 45 but need the superfish 90. It needs to fit in a precise gap and no where on their website etc is the dimensions with the light on, I e how tall it will be. Does anyone know? 🤔
  7. Substrate
    Is it a problem to have a sand substrate be just and inch or two from a canister filter’s intake tube? I am getting ready to add pool filter sand substrate to a new tank, and in planning for that I realized that with my planned layout the sand will be elevated near the intake. Do I need to...
  8. Aquascaping
    Hi! I'm currently playing around with arranging rocks to scape this 29g tank and would love some feedback. I'm also going back and forth on whether I want to add height with wood or if I want to leave it as is and achieve height with just plants. I'm planning on planting Cryptocoryne crispatula...
  9. Aquascaping
    What would you do with this scape? I would love plant suggestions! I was going for tangly driftwood, slightly disorganized on purpose. I was originally planning a blackwater biotope for for some Brevibora dorsiocellata but now I’m thinking about a scape with just a colony of fancy Caridina. I...
  10. Tank Journals
    Simple, low tech aquascape, nature style: Volume: 17 gallon / 65 liters ADA tank. Footprint: 60 cm/24 inch x 30 cm/12 inch. Height: 36cm/14 inch. Scape: Elderly stones, spiderwood, ADA La Plata sand Water: Slightly soft to neutral, 20 C / 64 F. Plants: ferns, mosses, buces, few others...
  11. Aquascaping
    Hello, this is my first aquascape, and I would appreciate your feedback. Something seems off, so I've included a couple ideas. However, feel free to deviate from my points. Top half seems too empty More soil to raise the rocks? Add more rocks? The wood on the right side seems off Too much...
  12. Aquascaping
    Hey, just looking for critiques and advice on this aquascape. What should be changed/added/removed?
  13. Tank Journals
    About 4 months in, low tech, no CO2 and no liquid ferts at all
  14. Lighting
    When I first started out I had only heard and seen pictures of amazing aquariums and aquascapes. I took home a 60p with just 3 big rocks, some fine gravel and a few java ferns expecting to make a great design like on the pictures. Obviously it didn't take long before I figured out that I was...
  15. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have 20 liters tank, This tank was full of rams horn snail and I kinda like how they clean the diatoms so I decided to keep them. And then I find out that they poop a looot, The substrate is small gravel and it’s hard to vacuum most of the poop, One week ago I decided to put assassins snails...
  16. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Ahhhh limpets, will they ever go away? I think it’s the first problem in this hobby that I can’t find any solution all over the internet, just copper treatment, And I have shrimps😣 There is Someone here that succeed get rid of them?
  17. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi friends, Did someone succeed with 1 gallon planted tank for the long run without a filter?
  18. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi friends, in the last 2 weeks I discovered in my filter brown slime that stuck the filter from bringing out water, I have no picture of it but I found exactly the same problem in this picture. I think this slime is also the oily layer on the aquarium surface, need your help!
1-20 of 250 Results