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  1. Tank Journals
    Simple, low tech aquascape, nature style: Volume: 17 gallon / 65 liters ADA tank. Footprint: 60 cm/24 inch x 30 cm/12 inch. Height: 36cm/14 inch. Scape: Elderly stones, spiderwood, ADA La Plata sand Water: Slightly soft to neutral, 20 C / 64 F. Plants: ferns, mosses, buces, few others...
  2. Aquascaping
    Hello, this is my first aquascape, and I would appreciate your feedback. Something seems off, so I've included a couple ideas. However, feel free to deviate from my points. Top half seems too empty More soil to raise the rocks? Add more rocks? The wood on the right side seems off Too much...
  3. Aquascaping
    Hey, just looking for critiques and advice on this aquascape. What should be changed/added/removed?
  4. Tank Journals
    About 4 months in, low tech, no CO2 and no liquid ferts at all
  5. Lighting
    When I first started out I had only heard and seen pictures of amazing aquariums and aquascapes. I took home a 60p with just 3 big rocks, some fine gravel and a few java ferns expecting to make a great design like on the pictures. Obviously it didn't take long before I figured out that I was...
  6. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have 20 liters tank, This tank was full of rams horn snail and I kinda like how they clean the diatoms so I decided to keep them. And then I find out that they poop a looot, The substrate is small gravel and it’s hard to vacuum most of the poop, One week ago I decided to put assassins snails...
  7. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Ahhhh limpets, will they ever go away? I think it’s the first problem in this hobby that I can’t find any solution all over the internet, just copper treatment, And I have shrimps😣 There is Someone here that succeed get rid of them?
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi friends, Did someone succeed with 1 gallon planted tank for the long run without a filter?
  9. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi friends, in the last 2 weeks I discovered in my filter brown slime that stuck the filter from bringing out water, I have no picture of it but I found exactly the same problem in this picture. I think this slime is also the oily layer on the aquarium surface, need your help!
  10. Aquascaping
    Hello guys. I’m new doing aquascaping 10 gallons shrimp and my 20 Gallons fish tanks. I will love comments in order to improve in the future. All the pictures right now are with our the water added. I will add pictures of the “final” tanks later today. Really busy weekend 🤪 This is my 20...
  11. Aquascaping
    Has anyone here entered or is planning on entering the 2021 IAPLC? I just submitted my 60p and may do a tank journal about it here after the results are published. I doubt I'll do very well with such a small tank, considering how hardcore people can get. This is the first time I've entered an...
  12. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Hi, I have a heavily planted tank with aquasoil ( tropica ) that I launched in dry start method 2 months and a half ago. I flooded the tank 2-3weeks ago. Everything is going well, my plants are fine. But I need to cycle the tank, and when I test nh4, its always at 0, same for nitrites and...
  13. Aquascaping
    Hello, I’m new in aquascaping and I need some help. I want to do a 10 gallons shrimp tank most cherry shrimps. I got some “Dragon Stone” from my local aquarium. I read that I need to clean the stones. But, I soaked the stone over 2 weeks now rinse the stone every day. But, the stone never stop...
  14. Tank Journals
    Waterbox clear mini 30 30 gallons All dragon stone and easy plants Low tech tank, no co2 Fluval plant 3.0 light Going to put a oase filtosmart 100 canister filter on, just bought the wrong size lilly pipes so waiting for the new ones to come in, just have a hang on back on for now Mostly...
  15. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Was finally able to scape my first rimless tank! All dragon stone and a lot of easy plants as this will be a low tech set up. Would love any feedback!
  16. Aquascaping
    Hello everyone, hope yall safe and healthy! I am new to this forum but been a hobbyist for years. I'm designing an aquarium for my sis and her kids since they're sick of their 40$ 2gallon Walmart tank. I have an ADA 60p 17 gallon 24x12" tank set up. Thanks for your time and votes! Here's...
  17. Tank Journals
    Hey everyone, I recently got my hands on a cheap Kmart aquarium starter kit ($29 AUD = ~$22). It is a 5 gallon semi-rimless glass tank (rimmed on the bottom but not the top) and the kit comes with an internal filter, plastic lid, background wallpaper, fake gravel and plants. From what I could...
  18. Tank Journals
    Finally upgraded from the 25g cube, and let me tell you it's not very easy to find a 30-40g cube around here. Managed to find a beautiful 20x20x20 aquarium and some amazing driftwood at a local shop and we're off to the races. Nothing equipment wise has actually changed, still running: AI...
  19. Tank Journals
    Hello everyone pretty simple Na, had some lava rock lying around and a few branches of Redmoor so i put them to together to make this. last picture is the first week, second ones are after about 2 months. the aquarium is now at the 4 month mark, its doing ok however it has issues with...
1-20 of 240 Results