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  1. Aquascaping
    Hi, Can someone please identify the type of wood or if the wood I found is aquarium safe? I went out to find driftwood for the first time at a nearby water body. I picked some wood but I am not sure if they are completely dry or if they can be used in fish tank or not. I am attaching nine...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    So basically what the title asks, is the Carpenter version (not the regular stuff found at elementary school) of Elmers glue (for wood) work in an aquarium? Is it non toxic? Is it water soluble? What are other options for aquarium safe adhesives that will work to glue wood together?
  3. Aquascaping
    Yup, me again. So, what about a squirrel skeleton? It died of a broken back, was picked up by me literally minutes after it died, and spent 10 days underground. After that, it was dug up, soaked in a hydrogen peroxide solution, rinsed, and partially assembled using SuperGlue. What would I have...
1-3 of 3 Results