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  1. Plants
    Heyoooo. So a little over a week ago, I got in an order of aquatic plants and planted them all in my tank. I had to leave on spring break and wasn't home from Friday March 29th till today, and when I got back, the plants aren't completely dying per say, but they could be doing better. The pygmy...
  2. Plants
    I am going to be selling aquarium plants, not so much for profit as to cover my existing hobby. I don't see much point in growing very common aquarium plants since I have limited space. I do have a great deal of time though, and I'm interested in being marketable via selling good-quality plants...
  3. Plants
    Need an ID on this plant looks like some type of hygrophila of some kind, it turns like a maroon and has a look of swade or velvet. Here's a pic of it in my tank. Lastly when I got it the stem was brown like a branch or twig now it's all green. It's been in my tank/tanks for a little over a year...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    This is why what are your favorite type of plants for filtering your tank? im a huge fan of all cryps and hygro species.
  5. Plants
    I am looking for Limnophila (Ambulia) and Ceratopteris thalictroides. I was checking in our Petsmart for a year, but never saw them in there. Does anyone sell them? I have plenty of Hygrophila polysperma and red leave Cryptocoryna. I guess it is becketii. Java fern is doing fine and so is narrow...
  6. Other Websites
    not happy at all. placed an order 2 weeks ago (im in canada) selected the canadian pricing from a handy drop down menu, assuming they could ship plants to canada. nope, they don't. did they answer my email asking why i was paying crazy high shipping and i hadn't received it yet? nope. has anyone...
1-6 of 13 Results