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  1. The Lounge & Introductions
    Does any sponsor carry Mr. Aqua tanks and potentially stands?? I know Sevenports does not sell them, they just distribute.... BTW I'm in San Francisco
  2. Tank Journals
    Tank: 4.12 gallon Aquatop Rimless Nano Cube Filter: Eheim Liberty HOB Lighting: Deep Blue Solarflare Micro LED 6700k Light Substrate: Aquasoil Decor: Florida Field Stone Fauna: 1 Oto, 12 Red Rili Shrimp, 3 Nerite Snails (horned, tracked, striped) Flora: Java Fern and Various Anubias (with some...
  3. Equipment
    Just got my first canister filter for my 40g Hex... Shipped for $49 on [Ebay Link Removed] Comes with basic filter media and is ready to go out of the box (well, after a good rinsing that is) Any Pros/Cons on this manufacturer? I've seen some good reviews on Amazon and a few other sites that...
1-3 of 4 Results