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  1. Fish
    Hi All, Last night I noticed that my, "get this" 1" long female and nearly 3" long male spawned and the tiny little female is like a super-torpedo but I don't think she can hurt the male, he's like 4x her size (much thicker) and there are tons of plants in a heavily planted tank. I...
  2. Fish
    Alrighty, I have a 39gal planted. My plan is to end up with 40x Amano shrimp 4-5x Corydoras Sterbai 1 trio Appisto. Borelli 8-9x Otocinclus 2-3x Assassin Snails Would this be a bit overstocked? Its fully planted and has a Magnum350, Corner Filter, and Dual Sponge filter. I may upgrade the...
  3. Washington
    Hello there fellow Washingtonians, i can't seem to think of a place that would have Appistogramma near Federal Way. So could someone tell me where a good place might be to get a good selection of Appistogramma near Federal Way or even Seattle. Midway pets only has one pair of Cacatuoide from...
  4. Fish
    Realizing this is probably a rhetorical question, but also a desperate one, what is the possibility of housing Appistogramma Cacatuoides with CRS and Amano shrimp? Would they feasable when full grown, or would they have a cocktail at 3 inches with the shrimp? I've seen other tanks where its been...
1-4 of 4 Results