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  1. Fish
    I have matured 40g planted tank. Had Apisto pair and they were breeding hatched many frys and all was going well. One day the male died... I'm not sure why, the water was consistent at all times and feeding as usual. Maybe he was too old? and near end of his lifespan? no idea but the male died...
  2. Washington
    Hey local fish keepers, I've got 2 Apisto cacatuoides "Double Red"(I think) that I'd love to find a new home for. They've been in my tank for about 6 months. I'm pretty sure they're both Males, but neither were near as colorful as the 3rd that we lost several week ago to a locked jaw...
  3. Fish
    Quick question, do apistogrammas gain more color/patterning with age? I ordered a young pair of triple reds and am wondering if the male will gain more coloring and patterning as he matures. They are a little over an inch right now, here's some photos:
  4. Fish
    Here is a quick clip of the Biotope of the 20H. Still Work in progress and need to add some Indian Almond Leaves and more branches + grape vines. Here are the fishes during feeding time.
  5. Fish
    Hi, I'm new to the forum, I live in Greenville, SC needless to say not many LFS's in the area (Petsmart, Petco) I was wondering if any body out there is breeding or has any Apistogramma Cacatuoides for sale?
1-5 of 10 Results