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  1. Fish
    Hi. I have a 100 litre (90cm x 30 cm footprint) low tech planted aquarium with 6 rosy barbs. It's a well established tank with sand substrate driftwood, loads of moss, anubias, an african crinum and java ferns. The fish and plants have changed over the years but it's been kept running without...
  2. Fish
    I just purchased two apisto borelli blue about two weeks ago and the female laid eggs sometime today. I am super new to these fish and have no idea what to do now, any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Fish
    Hello! I am starting to stock my 20 long and wanted some opinions/feedback, I would also love some help with plants I am really hoping for to do a carpet in the front and some tall plants in back Equipment aqueon opti bright + Fluval 206 Flourite substrate Eheim Jagger Plants Glossostigma...
  4. Fish
    Hi all, Has anyone ever tried to keep apistos and peacock gudgeons together? I'd like to try a single male apisto in a 30-gal with my gudgeons, but I'm a little nervous that the apisto might terrorize them. I hear borellii are often fairly laid-back, and tolerate cooler water than some...
1-4 of 4 Results