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  1. Plants
    This is my first planted tank (10gal, will eventually put shrimp in it). Normally I’m no green thumb but I figured I’d try my hand at the dry start method. In general I am pretty bad at keeping plants alive so I would greatly appreciate some pointers. Yesterday I bought a S. repens tissue...
  2. Plants
    I bought this anubias nana via mail-order two weeks ago. All my water parameters are normal, but my water is hard. The tank is 5 gallons, with a heater that keeps the water at about 80 degrees. The only inhabitants are a single betta and a single snail. I have a sponge filter with an air...
  3. Plants
    Hey all, I started a small terrarium and am looking for advice. It's an aqua worx iota (basically a tall cylinder) with UNS controlsoil, a piece of dragon stone, some terrarium plants, a bucephalandra and an anubias nana. The buce and anubias are on the dragon stone. I put water in up to the...
1-3 of 4 Results