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  1. Plants
    They started out as one small basket about 1.5 years ago.
  2. Equipment
    I have had this 29 gal low tech setup for for 5 years. When I first bought it used, there was no visible crazing. After several months, it started to show on the front side. It got worse for a couple years covering like 95% of the sides - now it seems stable. For some reason I started...
  3. Plants
    What are some good plants (any plants) that I can attach to driftwood (also stones) in the aquarium? What I know so far is Java Fern, Anubias, and different types of mosses... would love to see some pictures :P
  4. Plants
    Hello, I have some problems with some of my plants. I am suspecting that I might have nitrogen, magnesium and potassium problems . So, the question is, do I put enough fertilizer, or could I h ave another problem? I am following the tropica guide, and I thought it would be ok, because I...
  5. New York
    I am pretty new to this hobby. Would like to fill my tank - 55G dirted with gravel on top, 2x100watt HPS lights, no CO2 currently. Looking for several anubias, Jungle Vals, ludwigias, amazon swords etc. Will take recommendations. Would like to get information on nutrients, possibly an...
  6. Low Tech Forum
    Hi, I'm new at the forum as well in planted tank. I bought a 20 gal Top Fin aquarium kit from Petsmart two months ago and I have been stocking it with plants, snails and fishes. At this point I have some concerns about my plants since some of them are not doing well: #1: I rescued an Anubia...
  7. Algae
    Question for anyone experienced with the subject: My decorative rocks are starting to grow a lot of BBA again. Normally I just pull the rocks, put them in a bucket and dribble some Excel all over them, let sit for about 10 minutes then rinse and put back into the aquarium; BBA turns gray and...
    Looking to fill up a 300 gallon native fish aquarium. Doing pool filter sand substrate with root tabs and T5HO lighting. Looking for Anubia, Crypts, Java Fern, Moss, Swords and Water Sprite. Up for any suggestions or if possible native plants to Minnesota. Thanks!
  9. For Sale/Trade
    The Hygrophila Package: GONE ~20 H. Brown (8"-16", you get most of what's in the picture below) ~3 H. corymbosa (Green Temple) ~1 H. corymbosa 'Kompact' (smaller rooted plant or 2) ~3 H. difformis (Water Wisteria) ---> $30 Shipped The Rotala Package: ~20 R. roundifolia (Rotala Indica) (~6"+)...
  10. For Sale/Trade
    Trim Package: --> GONE I have left: Several smaller C. retrospiralis (?) $5/ea Several Red Tiger Lotus sm $3/ea, med $5/ea A bundle of Willow hygro $6 ---> I am also sorting ~6 Anubia barteri and ~3 Anubia nana ---> Pictures of actual plants to be added later today Shipment: USPS Priority...
  11. Plants
    I have been in and out of the hobby my whole life, but this is my first aquascape. I was palnning on doing the HC emmersed, but also plan on having an anubia nana in there. my question is will the anubia be ok emmersed for a while, or is it stricktly a submersed plant? I would just grow...
  12. Plants
    I have a couple plants that are doin really well in my newly planted 10g now that I have added co2. Only concern is I don't know what two of them are. I believe one is a sword and one an anubia but if anyone could help I'd really appriciate it. They are the two plants on the left. Thanks in...
  13. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    i'd like some nanas for my new nano tank project. Looking to buy like 3-4 of these. I am willing to trade for some juvenile RCS but only if you're able to pick it up. I currently dont have the accessories to ship any livestock.
1-14 of 14 Results