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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    So after taking the time to cycle and let the plants take root and develop new growth finally stocked my new 60 gallon tank
  2. Fish
    So I was looking into getting some angelfish because I absolutely love them. However, they can get quite big. That’s not a problem to me, however through research there is a smaller type of freshwater angelfish. Leopoldo’s Angelfish only grows half the size, which means more per tank. However I...
  3. Fish
    does anyone have any suggestions how to treat this? It looks like an intestinal prolapse. What could have caused it?
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Recently I bought an angelfish for my 90 gallon tank to get rid of lice on my goldfish. The lice seems to be gone now and the angelfish is now nipping at the fins of my goldfish. I don't really know if there is a way to stop the aggression or if I will have to get rid of the angel, any tips?
  5. Fish
    Hello everyone, I would consider myself a fishkeeping beginner although I have experience with goldfish, Bettas, and guppies a while ago. I'm thinking of setting up a 125 planted community and hopefully this wouldn't be too much of a step up. How would this stocklist look? I'll likely keep the...
  6. Fish
    A while ago I noticed my angelfish had what looked like the beginnings of fin rot. I had dealt with an outbreak of a columnaris infection in a guppy tank a while back (nightmare btw), and I feared that the same thing might be happening to the angel. Not that his tank or any of the equipment I...
  7. Fish
    After this whole thing going on in the world ends, I plan to get the larger tank I have been anxiously waiting for- with one goal in mind. Keeping leopoldi angelfish. I've been on the hunt for them and I found a source which can bring in some. Now the tanks I have in mind are a 40 breeder or a...
  8. Tank Journals
    First real post here, please be gentle... a year ago I had a betta in 5g with fake plants, and now: Tank: Standard shape 125g tank and DIY lids made of ceiling egg crate plastic to allow more gas exchange Filtration: Pair of Eheim Classic 600s aka 2217s filled with Eheim blue & white pads...
  9. Fish
    I am for the first time raising a batch of 22 angelfish fry. They are now a month old and I am really hoping to wean them on to foods other than BBS, not only because I'm tired of the whole BBS hatchery routine, but also because at the end of this month I will be traveling for 5 days and need...
  10. Fish
    Hey everyone, Happy Friday! I could use a little advice about a situation that has developed in my 75 g community tank. Two of my sub-adult angels (bodies about half-dollar size) have paired off, claimed 1/3 of the tank as "theirs", covered the green intake tube of the Eheim 2217 with eggs, and...
  11. Lighting
    Hey all, So recently I've noticed my blue marble angels look better with the lights off than they do under my 2x T5HO fixture. Their fins are a nice deep blue in natural lighting, where as they're washed out and transparant looking under my lighting. I'm currently running a 10k White bulb and...
  12. Fish
    Which plants work best with angelfish? Something that they won't much on or destroy...also something that isn't too big as the fish need lots of space
  13. Fish
    Which fish do you guys prefer, saltwater or freshwater angelfish? And why?:grin2:
  14. Fish
    Anyone else have this issue? i got a dozen kohatu (koi) swordtails for my planted 55g, 2 died-one from shipping, the other a week later i think from bullying. I find my large angelfish is always tucked in the corner by the filter or low to the substrate and a few days ago noticed 1 or 2 of the...
  15. Photography
    Two of my better photos, one of my Blue, Blushing Angelfish and the other of my Golden Ram.
  16. Fish
    So recently I have redone my 55 gallon tank and took out all of the inhabitants except a single koi angel (about 7 in tall). The reason I redid it was because I want to get into angel breeding, well my single angel layed eggs all over my filter intake yesterday. This raises a couple questions...
  17. Fish
    Can anyone help sex this angelfish, I always thought it was a male, but now I am beginning to question myself. Bump:
  18. Fish
    Hello so I'm new to planted tanks and this just started happening just yesterday in my tank is a 29g planted and the last water change was on the second of this month i have 5 guppies and one angelfish, okay so the thing is that just yesterday I found one of my guppies died and nothing looked...
1-19 of 59 Results