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angelfish compatibility

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    tl;dr betta better with rasboras/danios or angel/neon tetras? I'll be restarting my 10g soon, it only houses one male betta. I'll be changing it to dirted and swapping the cap substrate. I know this will probably cause it to cycle, so I want to plan for long term where the betta will be housed...
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    I recently purchased a 75 gallon tank that is currently in the middle of a fish-less cycle. While waiting for the cycle to be complete, I was hoping to figure out what types of fish I can keep with about 6 angels. I'm new to a tank this large, and I'm not sure how many fish the tank can handle...
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    Do you Keep Angelfish? Are you outside the mainstream and keep your Angels with fish less commonly seen with Angels? Would love to hear about what you have and how it works! Pictures are a huge plus! ;)